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September 20, 2012
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CL- Malphus by Neo-Rippiru CL- Malphus by Neo-Rippiru
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Character Info

Name: Malphus Luzaitius
Nickname: Mal, Tinkerbell, Purple Chicken,
Level: 12
Age: 1350(27)
DOB: July 7th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6 1/2"
Race: Pandemonian
Division: Circle Leader of Limbo

"its fiiiiiine"
"I'm a lover, noooot really a fighter~!"
"can we really be friends?!"
"Call me a traitor but I hate death.."

    + Relaxed + Lazy + Happy + Kind + Obsessive + Timid + Spazz + Retarded + Mysterious + Self Destructive + Hopeless + Creepy + Stalker + Annoyed (when you touch his people or creatures) + bipolarish + Cowardly +

    + Animals (cows) + Soda + Iri + Dairy Products + Bacon + Cigarettes + human things + Nature + Sunny warm days + Fancy things + The color teal purple and silver + Greed + Cute girls (sucker for them) + Cute things +

    + Khadromans + the weather in the other circles + Loud noises + Elehiel + Aset + Being called a Misfit + His job + Being lied to + Cute girls crying + Hell hounds + Bulls +

    Able to get animals to like him + Making a mean Milk shake~! + Getting people to hate him Eventually (not really a talent) +


Malphus was born in Khadroma to a Pandemonian mother that converted to Khadroman ways and a Khadroman father who was quite shy and timid. Mal had 2 older siblings and a twin sister. Together they were a pretty happy family, though Mal was the odd ball out of the family inheriting all the Pan Abilities and personality it made him a little hellian when he was a toddler. When He grew older and into his years for school he became timid and very attached to his mama. His sister on the other hand was strong and brave. If Mal's mother wasn't anywhere to be found he would cling to his sister for dear life.

As time went on and mal came into teenage years, he suddenly heard voices, He became depressed and self destructive trying to hurt himself. He eventually inabled himself from flying. His family worried about this tried to help him but somewhere in his mind he believed they hated him. All they wanted was to laugh at him call him a misfit point out all his mistakes. Something in his mind snapped one day when he was with his girlfriend and he attacked her. He noticed what he had done and fled from Khadroma. He convinced himself that he had done nothing that it was Khadroma's fault that they were the ones that rejected him. But in reality it was he who was the crazy one. He made himself forget and went to Pandemona.

When Mal came to Pandemona he was amazed, the place was so different to him. Though as soon as he stepped foot forward a terror crow picked him up and few him the fraud dropping him there. It took him a while but finally he had gotten to greed, thats when he meet a violent Greedian and a Sly raccoon. He befriended them and hung around them. They brought him the Limbo and every now and then Mal would venture to Greed and hang out. But one day while he was there he was betrayed by Aset and Elehiel. Stabbed in the back he flew only making it over the wall. There a Pan took care of him. A deer named Oscar. He took care of him and listened to Mal's story. He was the first to know about Mal being a Half Khadroman. Once Mal could walk again he wanted to warn the Greedian about the raccoon that he was wrong. But he still wasn't fit to fight. Oscar told the other but but Mal didn't care and continued anyways. But he was too late. He watched the fight unfold and when he tried to tell Aset he didn't betray him but the Pan knocked him out.

When Mal woke up he was in Limbo with Oscar. He had no Idea who the man was or what had happened for almost 200 years. The Pan explained who he was but told Mal it was best he not remember. Mal believed him. As time went on Oscar and Mal became close friends in limbo, and once Mal was announced as Leader Oscar got jealous and hungry for the others power. Oscar continued to be his friend and one night while Mal slept he snuck into the others room and slit his throat. It wasn't deep enough to cause damage because the other woke up to the cold blade on his throat. Mal's mind snapped once again and he murdered the other in cold blood. This time he told himself that they weren't his friend to begin with Another trick. No one will be his friend and no one would accept him.

As time went on Mal met Aset once again. But by then Mal's social skills were gone. As to he really wanted to be Asets friend he constantly fought the other. Trying to prove his worthiness to the Pan. Time went on and things became fine, Mal got use to fighting with the Greed leader and He was some what happy. Thats all he wanted to be... Happy Real happiness.

    + He likes cows
    + His pet is a crow name Raef.(but the bird died a while back)
    + Loud noises scare the shit out of him
    + His weak points are in between his wings on his back, His tail, and the back of his head
    + He can't see well out his left eye so fight on his left and he wont see it coming
    + His powers relie on his wings, without them He drains more magic then needed
    + His wings are very breakable and if you break them he's pretty much useless with powers
    + If you pet his tail or any animal part on him it's a turn on for him
    + He likes Iri a lot but get rejected a lot
    + His favorite weapon to make out of clouds are throwing daggers
    + He has a Complicated friendship with Aset
    + He can't swim, so when he goes and take a bath he sticks to shallow water
    + He's a Gryphon not a crow
    + Parents names are Markus and Vieona, and his older brothers are Elike and Karkus, his twin sister is Anpiel

Prior Ownership: n/a
Store Bought: n/a
Drops: n/a

[Log Sequence] Battling

Contract Availability: Iriena Estencha

    Wind Base
    This power allows him to Float, make gust of wind or cause mini tornadoes. Mal normal uses this power to many float using the natural Air to float. When he cause gust or "Wind Devils" he uses his wings to cause air to go in the direction he wants. He also uses his wings as a cheat to use less magic into this power, making his wings the Source of his power. If he could not use his wings this power would take a chunk out of his magic, well except the floating.

    draw back:
    + He can not float things over 2 times his body weight.
    + Gust of wind can not blow down a tree if he wanted to It also can not uproot on the tree has to be chopped down then while in air has to be kicked to make the wind work.
    + Wind devils are small and don't do a lot of damage they are mostly to push back an Opponent

    Cloud Morphing

    This power allows him to make an inorganic thing. It allows him to make weapons and money and such. This power is very useful if he has no other option but to fight with a Weapon.

    Draw backs:
    + He is not able to make huge things
    + Things can not weigh 2 tons, I mean come one they are clouds
    + He can't make them poof away once they are made they are made
    + New items he needs to mold by hand first
    + He can not make more then 3 things at once and it all depends on size
    + If there are no clouds in the sky he can't create something


    This power is odd and hard for Mal to use on a whim, but what it does is cause a Vacuum in space so he may teleport. When using this power wind starts to go to him and circle around him. It is different then when he uses wind because it is Sucking air and not blowing it out.

    Draw backs:
    + The farther he teleports the more magic it takes.
    + It takes time to teleport
    + Wind going towards him is a sign he's going to Teleport
    + He has to be touching a object to teleport it
    + He can not Teleport more then one person
    + He has a Eight limit on the Teleporting so he can't teleport a tree..

He doesn't carry around weapons but his favorite thing to make and use and easy for him to get rid of is throwing daggers.


+ Health: 1014
+ Magic: 1394
+ Attack: 764
+ Defense: 549
+ Speed: 1414

Battling Style:
He relies on speed and Magic to fight, some times he goes for strength but only this kicks are strong enough. Which this means since his powers are mainly for run away attacks he doesn't have many options on fighting. He mainly uses speed and a hard kick to fight. He tends to fight in a calm manner and plan his moves and attacks. He refused to fight girls, and also he doesn't pick fights with everyone. He's not too great with close combat cause he can easily get caught off guard due to his left eye.

[Main Theme]
[Battle Theme]
[Sad Theme]

Other outfits: (he has billions)

Close up:

Plz accounts:


App *whitty-boo [link]
Art & Character =Neo-Rippiru

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